30 November 2012

Special Mixed sos Lov ordered by Nurhayati @ Baby ^__^

HaPPY BirthDAY from my lil dapur ^__^

Special Lov ni ordered by Nurhayati @ Baby di Al-Falaah School
special untuk their' boss

SWEET ^___^
tqvm dear....

Dapat ni di wall me ^___^ alolo...SWEET kan....

Our Lady Boss's cake. From ALL staff of Al-Falaah School. We were soooo happy for her and glad our surprise succeed hehehe...

This heart shape was chosen coz she is a very nice, kind, humble and heartly kind boss to all of us. No matter how angry she be at us, she is still all that!!

She loves chocolate veeeeeery much. Your cake melts her heart away with every bite she took. Thank you.

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