22 April 2014

Mau BAHAGIA? cuba 30# tips ni ^^

Mau bahagia, plz POSTIFkan diri dahulu....
mind n heart kena OPEN menerima semua kemungkinan

in shaa Allah...Allah Ta'ala mendengar inner voice kita seperti yang kita mahu

Start spending time with the right people

Start facing your problems head on

Start being honest with yourself about everything. 

Start making your own happiness a priority.

Start being yourself, genuinely and proudly.

Start noticing and living in the present.

Start valuing the lessons your mistakes teach you. 

Start being more polite to yourself. 

Start enjoying the things you already have. 

Start enjoying the things you already have. 

Start giving your ideas and dreams a chance.

Start believing that you’re ready for the next step.

Start entering new relationships for the right reasons.

Start giving new people you meet a chance. 

Start competing against an earlier version of yourself. 

Start cheering for other people’s victories.

Start looking for the silver lining in tough situations. 

Start forgiving yourself and others.

Start helping those around you.

Start listening to your own inner voice. 

Start being attentive to your stress level and take short breaks.

Start noticing the beauty of small moments. 

Start accepting things when they are less than perfect.

Start working toward your goals every single day. 

Start being more open about how you feel. 

Start taking full accountability for your own life.

Start actively nurturing your most important relationships. 

Start concentrating on the things you can control. 

Start focusing on the possibility of positive outcomes.

Start noticing how wealthy you are right now

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